David Massengill Architectural Photography

See The Difference

What differentiates an architectural photographer from the other types of photographers out there? Is it the equipment used, or the way in which he uses it? In my experience, it is the process of taking a three-dimensional space and properly applying it to a two-dimensional medium. More importantly, it's also the proper application of light, shaping and sculpting it to bring volume to the image. I want the viewers of my images to spend more than a couple seconds looking at them. I want them to immerse themselves inside the photograph, to notice the details of your work, and to take with them a sort of emotional appeal that says "Wow I want to hire that guy."

The three images at right are all pretty decent images in their own, something that you might see anywhere. Something any typical photographer would be happy to send to a client. Mouse-over the images, and you will see the dramatic difference that is made when I add my own style in to the mix. My goal is not to be typical, but to produce a visually stunning image with lasting appeal that both my client and I can be proud of.

You put a lot of time, money, and thought into your work. When the time comes to show the results of that effort, consider someone who does the same with his work. Give me a call at any time to discuss how we can collaborate to make your next project look its best.